It's not every day that a post from a cyber security startup goes viral. However we recently created a meme that not only captured the attention of millions but also highlighted a common pain point in the industry. Today, we delve into the story behind our unexpectedly successful meme and explore the factors that contributed to its widespread popularity.

The Birth of a Meme:

In the world of cyber security, where the topics can often be serious and complex, we decided to take a lighthearted approach to shed some light on the frustrations surrounding permission management. We wanted to create something that was relatable and humorous, while still conveying a valuable message. That's when the idea of using a timely figure, King Charles on his coronation day, came to mind. Here's the original post.

King Charles meme with black caption above

The Memorable Caption:

The success of any meme lies in its caption, and we carefully crafted ours to strike a chord with our audience. The caption, "When IT finally approved the admin privileges you asked for 30 years ago," encapsulated the frustration felt by many individuals who have experienced the slow and often ineffective process of obtaining necessary permissions. It is a universal pain point that resonated with people across different industries and professions.

The Perfect Picture:

Selecting the right image is crucial in creating a meme that catches the eye. In our case, King Charles looking out of place on his coronation day perfectly symbolized the feeling of frustration and helplessness that people often experience when dealing with outdated permission approval processes. The contrast between a king and the modern IT world added an element of humor and irony to the meme, making it instantly shareable.

The Elements of Success:

Creativity: We recognized the power of humor to convey a serious message. By combining current imagery with a relatable scenario, we were able to generate a meme that stood out from the crowd.

Good Timing: Our meme struck a chord with people as the whole world was in a real-time obsession with the coronation of King Charles.

Relatable Pain: The ineffectiveness of access approvals is a pain point felt by millions of individuals across various industries. Our meme tapped into this collective frustration and offered a moment of comic relief, allowing people to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. A pain we proudly solve at Entitle.

Luck: While luck plays a role in any viral sensation, our team's determination to create something unique and engaging during the weekend led us to seize this opportunity when it presented itself.

The Resounding Success:

The impact of our meme exceeded all expectations. It garnered over 7 million impressions, received over 120,000 reactions, and was reposted over 2,800 times on LinkedIn alone. We’ve seen the meme popping up on Instagram, Discord, Reddit, Twitter and other channels. These remarkable statistics are a testament to the relatability of the issue and the power of humor in capturing people's attention.


At the end of the day, as a cyber security company, we understand the importance of taking a creative and innovative approach to complex problems. Our viral meme not only brought a touch of humor to the industry but also shed light on a pain point that many individuals can relate to. The blend of luck, creativity, good timing, and a shared frustration proved to be the winning formula that propelled our meme to unprecedented levels of popularity. By engaging with our audience relatable and entertainingly, we hope to continue raising awareness about the need for more effective permission management systems and drive positive change in the cyber security landscape.

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