Billie Achieves Financial Compliance and Automates Access Reviews with Entitle

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Key outcomes
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Short-lived privileged access

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Automated user access reviews

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Billie GmbH, is a leading financial company in Germany. It specializes in offering a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution for B2B transactions, providing instant payouts, easy integration with PSPs, and e-commerce plug-ins tailored for business-to-business interactions.

Being a cloud-first shop in a highly regulated industry, Billie recognized the importance of effective and auditable access management, especially around critical roles and permissions.

The Challenge

Reducing risk while complying with regulatory requirements

Billie sought a cloud access management solution with 2 goals in mind:

1. To reduce risk by shifting from permanent, birthright access to temporary, expiring permissions.

2. Comply with BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) which enforces strict standards on financial institutions in Germany, including comprehensive access control measures, necessitating frequent access reviews. 

For a lean team to manually review every entitlement across applications not only takes months but is nearly impossible.

The Solution

Cloud-native permission management

After evaluating four different products, Billie GmbH found its match in Entitle.

This cloud access management platform stood out for its seamless integration with Okta and its capability to handle both access management and access reviews efficiently.

Entitle revolutionized Billie GmbH's approach to access management. The platform enables visibility into who has what access and allows for swift revocation. Its self-service feature marked a significant shift from training to easily accessible documentation, empowering employees to manage their access independently.

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The Impact

“Employees do the maximum using minimum permissions”

Billie has embraced JIT access as a standard practice and now experiences a notable reduction in standing permissions. The task of reviewing user access has become manageable, thanks to Entitle's system which efficiently supports a modern tech stack on a large scale.

What’s more, the company experienced a streamlined process where access approval and provisioning became almost autonomous. The platform's intuitive nature meant users no longer depended on the IT team for access issues.

According to Billie, the onboarding experience with Entitle was exceptional, largely thanks to Elad, the Customer Success Manager (CSM), who provided comprehensive support from day one. Billie GmbH received assistance that exceeded their expectations, ensuring a smooth and effective integration of Entitle into their systems.


Billie’s partnership with Entitle is a testament to the power of the right technological solution in meeting regulatory demands and enhancing operational efficiency. By embracing Entitle’s cloud access management platform, Billie has complied with stringent industry standards and empowered its employees with a more autonomous and efficient work environment.

This collaboration highlights the importance of choosing a solution that aligns perfectly with an organization's unique needs and regulatory requirements.

It's 2024, but access is still granted manually.

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