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Just in Time Access to Snowflake

Just in Time Access to


'Secure your data with just in time access to Snowflake. Enhance operational efficiency and data protection in cloud environments.'

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Time-bound admin role escalations

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Temporary access that is revoked when no longer needed

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Faster access for employees and contractors

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Audit logs for access reviews

What is Just in Time Access?

Just-In-Time (JIT) access is a principle in identity and access management that provides network access to users as and when they need it. It ensures that permissions are only provisioned when necessary, limiting the possibility of unauthorized exploitation of those permissions. Essentially, JIT access adds an additional layer of security to your network by reducing unnecessary access privileges.

Benefits of Just in Time Access to


1. Enhanced Least-Privilege Access: Just in time access and privilege escalation provides users with the exact permissions necessary to fulfill their tasks, and no more. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized data access or overprivileged roles, enhancing Snowflake's robust role-based access control (RBAC).

2. Diminished Insider Threats and Human Errors:These methodologies significantly reduce the "secure permissions window," limiting the opportunity for both inadvertent errors and malicious insider threats. With individuals not needing to hold onto unnecessary elevated privileges, the attack surface is minimized in Snowflake's cloud data platform.

3. Amplified Operational Efficiency: By leveraging just in time approach, access and privileges can be granted instantly when needed, eliminating the need for constant manual adjustments. This feature optimizes operational efficiency as user roles fluctuate within Snowflake's data warehouse.

4. Streamlined Auditing for Compliance:Just in time access leaves a traceable log of each privilege escalation, making it significantly easier to audit access permissions in compliance with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA. This function of Snowflake's governance capabilities ensures regulation adherence and avoids non-compliance penalties.

Use Cases for Just in Time Access to


1. Data analysts could use just-in-time access to Snowflake to quickly access, analyze, and manage data or generate reports for immediate decision-making, without having to wait for traditional data processing.  

2. IT operations, especially in incident response scenarios, might use just-in-time access to Snowflake to quickly identify, isolate, and resolve data-related problems, ensuring minimal downtime or service disruption.

3. Finance teams might use just-in-time access to Snowflake to rapidly pull up-to-date financial data for auditing or reporting purposes, ensuring accuracy and timely compliance with financial regulations.

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How to Implement Just in Time Access to


Entitle Just In Time Access - diagram- How to Implement Just in Time Access to

1. Planning.

  • Assessment
    Start by identifying which people require access, pinpoint the resources they need (e.g., databases, schemas, tables, views, warehouses), and understand their reasons. Document pre-existing access rights and examine if they can be reduced or removed entirely. Utilizing an entitlement discovery tool may facilitate improved visibility.
  • Policy creation
    Construct concise policies for both the granting and elimination of access. Also, elaborate guidelines detailing who can request access, the conditions they can do so, and the associated duration. More specifically, for privileged positions, impose time-restricted limits.
  • Source of truth
    Synchronize your JIT access procedure with an Identity Provider (e.g., Okta, Google Workspace, Azure AD, OneLogin). This will serve as the safe source for identities. Preferring individual identities over shared accounts provides better authorization control and audit accuracy.

2. Execution.

  • Self-service access requests
    Streamline the process by allowing users to request access through the system instead of directly through people. Promote adoption rates by integrating with IM platforms such as Slack or MS Teams. Make sure requests detail who's asking, the necessary service/resource/role, duration, and reason.
  • Approval process
    JIT access provides an opportunity for organizations to delegate approvals to people with relevant business context. Resource owners and business unit managers often possess a better understanding than IT support. Utilize messaging platforms for quick responses, providing all necessary information for an informed decision.
  • Conditional approval workflows
    Implement your predefined policies into workflows that decide access permissions. Use this in workflows that define who can access what and under which circumstances. One practical approach is assigning if-then conditions.
  • Integrations
    Consider integrating JIT access with other IT and security systems to gain more flexibility. For instance, link with IT ticketing systems for automated access based on ticket status or data classification systems to adjust policies according to data sensitivity. Collaborate with on-call scheduling software for automated approvals during emergencies. Connect with training systems to grant access based on completed training.
  • Automated Provisioning and Deprovisioning
    Develop a comprehensive understanding of Snowflake to facilitate effective granting and revoking of fine-grained access automatically. Automated deprovisioning of access is crucial for JIT Access and the Principle of Least Privilege Access (POLP).
  • Access methods
    For Snowflake JIT access, APIs are the preferred choice due to their flexibility and real-time capabilities. However, a blend may be necessary such as SAML for authentication, SCIM for user provisioning, and APIs for precise access control decisions.

3. Maintenance.

  • Regular audits
    Periodically investigate access logs to validate JIT access efficiency. Search for any irregular patterns or behaviors either directly or by feeding the logs into your SIEM.
  • User training
    Instruct users about the relevance of least privilege, JIT access, and how it works. Ensure they understand how to request access when necessary.
  • Feedback loop
    Conduct consistent checkups of your JIT access procedures. Obtain feedback from users and IT staff to comprehend areas for improvement.

Accordingly, this systematic approach will aid in efficiently implementing a robust Just-in-Time Access system for Snowflake.

Temporary JIT Access to


with Entitle

Entitle provides self-serve access requests, flexible policy workflows, and automated provisioning, to restrict unneeded access across cloud infra and SaaS.

Entitle has a native integration with


Entitle has an IdP integration with


Native integration
5 minutes set up with pre-built connectors
IdP integration
Add/remove users from groups in an identity provider
JIT access: self-service requests and authorization workflows
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
HR-driven birthright policies
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Full audit trails and access reviews
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained visibility of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained, ephemeral provisioning of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle

Manage temporary access to


with Entitle

  • Gain instant visibility into all Snowflake resources, roles and entitlements for enhanced transparency and resource management.
  • Leverage our deep understanding of modern tech stacks to control fine-grained permissions within Snowflake effectively.
  • Utilize Bundles to consolidate different resources across multiple applications into a single access request, improving organization and simplicity.
  • Benefit from our swift implementation process, getting up and running within merely a couple of days.
  • Enjoy our native integrations with over 100 of the most popular cloud services and applications for superior interoperability.
  • Automate governance tasks and regulatory user access reviews through our functions, saving time and improving compliance.

Entitle can manage the following resource types in Snowflake:

  • Roles
  • Databases
  • Schemas
  • Tables
  • Views
  • Warehouses

"I like Entitle because it’s one of those tools I can set up and forget about. I never have to go into it and it just works."

Just in Time Access - Entitle

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What is


Snowflake Inc. is a cloud-based data warehousing company that provides an environment for real-time analytical solutions and data management. The platform allows businesses to store and analyze their data in a more efficient and secure way. Founded in 2012, the firm's platform separates data computing and storage services to allow scalability and flexibility for individual users.

Automated Access Management Platform - Entitle - Limit cloud access without pushback

What is Entitle?

Entitle is how cloud-forward companies provide employees with temporary, granular and just-in-time access within their cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications. Entitle easily integrates with your stack, offering self-serve access requests, instant visibility into your cloud entitlements and making user access reviews a breeze.

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