We're thrilled to announce that starting this week, Entitle has made its debut on the prestigious AWS Marketplace. This is a significant milestone that promises to improve cloud access management for AWS customers.

Who should care?

If you're an AWS customer seeking to bolster least privilege access across your cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications, this news is for you. Entitle's integration with the AWS Marketplace provides an opportunity for those who wish to reduce standing permissions and simplify their access control.

Why is this important?

Here's why this development is so compelling:

1. Streamlined procurement process

Entitle's presence on the AWS Marketplace simplifies your procurement process. You can now work directly with your trusted AWS supplier, eliminating the need to engage with additional vendors. This eases your procurement journey, saving you valuable time and resources.

2. Flexible payment Options

One of the standout advantages of this partnership is the ability to pay for Entitle's services with AWS credits, rather than cash. This flexibility allows you to leverage your existing AWS resources, making it easier than ever to implement top-tier access management.

About Entitle

Entitle automates the tasks related to providing minimal access to cloud systems, while making access easier for employees. Its main use cases include:

  • Just-in-time privilege escalation: Grant privileged roles to critical cloud systems precisely when they're needed, reducing persistent access.
  • Break-glass access: Ensure that on-call engineers can access production environments swiftly and securely, enhancing operational readiness.
  • Temporary access to customer data: Simplify customer support by providing instant access to customer data based on ticket requests, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Faster access request resolution: Accelerate access request resolution, cutting through red tape and facilitating quicker operations.
  • Automated access reviews: Automate evidence collection and delegate reviews to ensure that permissions are up to date and aligned with your organization's security policies.

Entitle's commitment to security and efficiency has earned the trust of cloud-forward companies like AppsFlyer, Noname, Lemonade, and Bloomreach.

Head over to the AWS Marketplace and take the first step toward a more secure and efficient future with Entitle.

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