New York, 11 July 2023Entitle, a well-funded cyber security startup specializing in cloud permissions management, is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Wadsworth as its new Vice President of Sales. With a rich history of success in building high-performing teams and a deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, Wadsworth's addition to the Entitle team signals a new phase of growth and innovation for the company.

Wadsworth's journey to Entitle has been marked by his passion for working in fast-paced environments devoid of politics. Having already contributed his expertise to four previous startups, including Veracode, Threat Stack, Luminate, Banyan, and Cyolo, Wadsworth brings with him a wealth of experience and industry insights.

"Joining Entitle is a natural fit for me," said Wadsworth. "Startups have always been my playground, where ego is left at the door and the customer is the focal point of everything we do. I am energized by the Israeli 'Balagan' and the fast-paced nature of the Israeli tech startup scene, which I find unmatched anywhere else in the world."

Wadsworth's decision to join Entitle was driven by his firm belief that the future of identity and access management lies with cloud-intensive solutions. Recognizing the world’s inevitable shift away from managing on-premises data centers, Wadsworth emphasizes Entitle's focus on addressing this need aligns perfectly with the trajectory of the IT landscape.

"What attracted me to Entitle is the clarity of its purpose and the urgency of the problem it solves," added Wadsworth. "Not addressing this challenge has significant business, security, and compliance implications. Moreover, the energy of the Entitle team, combined with their strong start, convinced me this is a company destined for success."

Entitle's CEO, Ron Nissim, stated "We are delighted to welcome Stephen to the Entitle family. His extensive experience, passion for customer-centricity, and remarkable track record in driving growth make him an invaluable addition to our leadership team.”

With Stephen Wadsworth now leading the sales team, Entitle is poised to make significant strides in cloud permissions management and solidify its position as a critical player in the cybersecurity industry.

About Entitle:

Entitle delivers a Cloud Permission Management platform that enables cybersecurity leaders to control access to Cloud and SaaS without friction. Its self-service platform automates access provisioning and establishes governance across complex, dynamic, and multi-cloud environments. The company serves numerous high-growth customers including AppsFlyer, Noname, Bloomreach, Honeybook, and BigID.

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