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Just in Time Access to Confluence

Just in Time Access to


Optimize operational efficiency with Just In Time access to Confluence, reducing security risks and allowing secure information sharing.

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Time-bound admin role escalations

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Temporary access that is revoked when no longer needed

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Faster access for employees and contractors

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Audit logs for access reviews

What is Just in Time Access?

JIT (Just-In-Time) access, often used in the context of cloud computing and cybersecurity, is a principle that allows temporary access to resources only when needed. It helps to minimize the exposure of vulnerabilities by limiting how long unnecessary permissions remain open. It is valuable for reducing unnecessary risks and enhancing the overall security of a system.

Benefits of Just in Time Access to


1. Enhanced Least Privilege Access Management: Just in time access and privilege escalation ensure that users only have the minimum necessary permissions to perform their jobs in Confluence. Admins can grant temporary permissions on an as-needed basis, thereby reducing the risks associated with excessive privileges.

2. Minimization of Insider Threats: Just in time privileges can significantly reduce the risk of insider threats, as users only have elevated permissions for a limited time. This feature reduces the threat window and minimizes the potential damage from insider attacks in the Confluence environment.

3. Reduced Human Errors: Through just in time access, permissions are granted on a task-by-task basis, reducing the likelihood of human error. This can prevent unintended changes or deletions in Confluence, thereby protecting valuable enterprise content and data.

4. Streamlined Auditing for Compliance: Just in time access and privilege escalation facilitate better tracking and logging of administrative actions. This ease of auditability helps ensure Confluence usage is in compliance with regulatory standards, making it simpler to identify any misuse or abuse of system access.

Use Cases for Just in Time Access to


1. Collaborative Projects: Just-in-time access allows team members who are working on a project to receive and provide real-time edits and feedback, enhancing productivity and efficiency.  

2. Access Control: For an organization that wants to maintain strict control over who has access to their information, just-in-time access provides temporary access to specific individuals, reducing the risk of unauthorized data access.  

3. Remote and On-Demand Workers: For companies that employ remote or on-demand workers, just-in-time access allows these workers to access Confluence only as needed, ensuring they have up-to-date information while also maintaining security.

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How to Implement Just in Time Access to


Entitle Just In Time Access - diagram- How to Implement Just in Time Access to

1. Strategize your JIT Implementation

  • Evaluate your Access Needs
    Start with identifying those who need access, what resources they require and why they require these resources. Document current access permissions and look into reducing or eliminating them if possible. Use tools for entitlement discovery to get a better overview.
  • Develop Access Policies
    Formulate transparent policies for granting and revoking access. These should include criteria about who can request access, under what conditions, and for how long. For highly privileged roles, specify time-limited access.
  • Confirm your Identity Provider
    Connect your JIT access system to an Identity Provider such as Okta, Google Workspace, Azure AD, or OneLogin. This will be the trusted source for identities. Exclusive identities instead of shared accounts facilitate better security control and audit fidelity.

2. Execute your JIT Strategy

  • Implement Self-Serve Access Requests
    Encourage users to request access through the system itself. Enhance user uptake by integrating with IM platforms like Slack or MS Teams. Ensure the request details include the requester's identity, the necessary service/resource/role, duration, and rationale.
  • Delegated Approval Process
    Leverage JIT access to facilitate the approval process to those with business context. Resource owners and business unit managers often understand business requirements better than IT helpdesks do. Use messaging platforms to speed up responses.
  • Employ Conditional Approval Workflows
    Integrate your pre-defined policies into workflows which dictate access permissions. Assign if-then conditions to ensure that specific access requests go through prescribed approval and notification trails.
  • Leverage Systems Integrations
    Increase flexibility by integrating your JIT access with other IT and security systems. This could include a ticketing system for automated access based on ticket status, data classification systems for policy adjustments depending on data sensitivity, or training systems that grant access upon completion of requisite training.
  • Automate Provisioning and Deprovisioning
    Become familiar with Amazon EKS to proficiently enable and revoke access automatically. This is crucial for JIT access to reduce delay and allow for auto-revocation of access, central to the principle of least privilege access (POLP).
  • Different Access Methods
    For Amazon EKS JIT Access, APIs are preferred due to their flexibility and real-time features. However, a combination of methods may be needed, such as SAML for authentication, SCIM for user provisioning, and APIs for detailed access control decisions.

3. Maintain and Improve your JIT System

  • Consistently Audit
    Regularly review access logs for any unusual patterns or behaviors either directly or by using your SIEM. Automate your user access review to rapidly gather evidence, allocate reviewers, and ensure adherence to any relevant industry standards or regulations.
  • Instruct Users
    Inform users about the importance of the principle of least privilege, JIT Access mechanics and usage, especially for privileged users.
  • Iterate your System
    Regularly seek feedback from users and IT staff to understand where improvements are needed and make modifications accordingly.

A structured approach to your Just-in-Time Access system will ensure full usage of Amazon EKS’s potential.

Temporary JIT Access to


with Entitle

Entitle provides self-serve access requests, flexible policy workflows, and automated provisioning, to restrict unneeded access across cloud infra and SaaS.

Entitle has a native integration with


Entitle has an IdP integration with


Native integration
5 minutes set up with pre-built connectors
IdP integration
Add/remove users from groups in an identity provider
JIT access: self-service requests and authorization workflows
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
HR-driven birthright policies
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Full audit trails and access reviews
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained visibility of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained, ephemeral provisioning of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle

Manage temporary access to


with Entitle

  • Provides instant visibility into Confluence resources, roles, and entitlements for effective access management.
  • Deep understanding of tech stacks allows control of precise permissions within the Confluence platform.
  • Bundles feature enables the consolidation of access requests across different resources and applications.
  • Quick and easy installation process, complete with native integrations to over 100 cloud services and applications.
  • API-first approach facilitates easy integrations with other systems, like on-call schedules, ticketing, and HRIS.
  • Automates governance and regulatory user access reviews through streamlined provisioning.

"I like Entitle because it’s one of those tools I can set up and forget about. I never have to go into it and it just works."

Just in Time Access - Entitle

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What is


Confluence is a global technology company that provides software solutions for the investment management industry. They specialize in data consolidation, automation, and data-driven decision-making tools. Their products assist companies with regulatory reporting, investor communications, and performance calculations.

Automated Access Management Platform - Entitle - Limit cloud access without pushback

What is Entitle?

Entitle is how cloud-forward companies provide employees with temporary, granular and just-in-time access within their cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications. Entitle easily integrates with your stack, offering self-serve access requests, instant visibility into your cloud entitlements and making user access reviews a breeze.

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