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Just in Time Access to Elastic Search

Just in Time Access to

Elastic Search

Leverage just in time access to Elastic Search for enhanced security. This approach minimizes risk, ensures data integrity, optimizes operations, and improves cluster performance.

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Time-bound admin role escalations

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Temporary access that is revoked when no longer needed

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Faster access for employees and contractors

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Audit logs for access reviews

What is Just in Time Access?

Just-in-time access is a security model that only grants system access and privileges to users when needed, for only as long as necessary. It can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access or insider threats as the system isn't always 'open'. It is often used in privileged access management to mitigate potential security vulnerabilities.

Benefits of Just in Time Access to

Elastic Search

1. Least Privilege Admin Access: JIT access for Elastic Search aids in enforcing the principle of least privilege for admin access, limiting access to necessary functions only. This reduces the risk of unauthorized or inappropriate data manipulation, augmenting the overall security posture of the system.

2. Reduced Insider Threats and Human Errors: JIT privilege escalation minimizes the available window for potential insider threats by granting temporary permissions, thus reducing opportunities for mistakes or misuse of access rights. Automated access rights further reduces the potential for human error in this process.

3. Improved Operational Efficiency: Just-In-Time access eliminates the need for constant administrative privilege, thus reducing the complexities associated with permanent access. This leads to a smoother, efficient workflow, allowing admins to focus on proactive management activities, boosting the overall efficiency of the Elastic Search operations.

4. Easier Auditing for Compliance: JIT access and privilege escalation can streamline the auditing process for compliance by providing clear visibility of who accessed what, when and why. It directly logs the specific time and user that's granted elevated permissions, contributing to detailed accountability records, which are essential for auditing and maintaining compliance with regulations like GDPR or HIPAA.

Use Cases for Just in Time Access to

Elastic Search

1. Log Analysis: If a company uses AWS S3 to collect logs from their server infrastructure and they need to quickly troubleshoot an issue or incident, just in time access to Elastic Search can provide real-time insights into log data for faster resolution.

2. E-commerce Search Optimization: Companies with e-commerce platforms storing product catalog data in AWS S3 might need just in time access to Elastic Search to power real-time product search capabilities, improving the customer shopping experience.

3. Personalized Marketing Campaigns: Marketing teams aiming to execute personalized campaigns based on customer data stored in AWS S3 can benefit from just in time access to Elastic Search. This can help them perform real-time customer behavior analysis and develop more targeted and personalized marketing messages.

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How to Implement Just in Time Access to

Elastic Search

Entitle Just In Time Access - diagram- How to Implement Just in Time Access to

1. Planning.

  • Assessment
    Start by identifying the users who need access to Elastic Search. Take note of the specific resources they need and understand the reason why they require access. Utilize elastic capabilities for auditing user access and permissions, and consider potential ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary access rights.
  • Policy formulation
    Develop a highly detailed policy for granting and revoking access to Elastic Search. Specify the conditions, eligibility criteria, and duration for the access requests. This is particularly essential for privileged roles such as super-users or admins. Set up time-bound parameters to limit prolonged access.
  • Source of authority
    Link your JIT access implementation with a reliable Identity Provider (IdP) like Google Workspace, Okta, Azure AD, or OneLogin. This helps to ensure individual account identity as opposed to shared accounts, enhancing authorization control and audit accuracy in Elastic Search.

2. Execution.

  • Self-serve access requests
    Enable users to send access requests directly through the Elastic Search system. Leverage Integration with Instant Messaging platforms like MS Teams or Slack for more streamlined communication. Access requests should detail the requester, purpose, requested service or resource, duration, and reason.
  • Approval process
    Assign approval authority to relevant stakeholders like business leaders or resource owners. Use messaging platforms to expedite approval decision-making.
  • Conditional approval workflows
    Embed policies into the approval workflows. These policies should dictate access based on a multitude of conditions and scenarios.
  • Integrations
    Enhance your JIT process by integrating it with other vital IT and security systems. Some examples include ticketing for automated access and schedule management for emergency approvals.
  • Automated provisioning and deprovisioning
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of Elastic to efficiently provide and revoke granular access automatically within the service. This is crucial for JIT Access as it minimizes waiting for people to become available. It enables automatic deprovisioning of access, which lies at the heart of JIT access and the principle of least privilege access (POLP).

3. Maintenance.

  • Regular audits
    Perform regular checks on access logs to ensure JIT access is functioning as planned. Look out for unusual patterns or behaviors either directly or by inputting logs into your SIEM. Automating the user access review process will hasten the evidence gathering, delegate reviewers, and make sure your system adheres to pertinent industry regulations or standards.
  • User training
    Regularly train your users, particularly those with privileged access, about the principles of least privilege, JIT Access, and the process for requesting access.
  • Feedback loop
    Implement a continuous feedback loop to evaluate and refine your JIT access model. Obtain feedback from IT staff and users to identify improvements and ensure ongoing optimization.

This systematic approach will aid the efficient implementation of a robust JIT access system to Elastic Search.

Temporary JIT Access to

Elastic Search

with Entitle

Entitle provides self-serve access requests, flexible policy workflows, and automated provisioning, to restrict unneeded access across cloud infra and SaaS.

Entitle has a native integration with

Elastic Search

Entitle has an IdP integration with

Elastic Search

Native integration
5 minutes set up with pre-built connectors
IdP integration
Add/remove users from groups in an identity provider
JIT access: self-service requests and authorization workflows
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
HR-driven birthright policies
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Full audit trails and access reviews
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained visibility of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained, ephemeral provisioning of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle

Manage temporary access to

Elastic Search

with Entitle

  • Gain immediate clarity on all resources, roles, and permissions within Elastic Search.
  • Provision temporary, highly specific permissions within Elastic Search simply and efficiently.
  • Utilize Bundles to collect resources in Elastic Search and other applications into one access request.
  • Our solution can be installed rapidly and deployed in days, supporting native integrations with over 100 popular cloud services and applications.
  • Our flexible API-first approach allows easy integration with on-call schedules, ticketing systems, HRIS and more, streamlining access and reducing administrative effort.
  • Streamline governance and automate tasks related to regulatory user access reviews with our automated provisioning system.

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Just in Time Access - Entitle

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Elastic Search

What is

Elastic Search

Elasticsearch is a company that developed an open-source, distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine called Elasticsearch. It allows users to store, search, and analyze big volumes of data quickly and in real time. It is broadly used for log and event data management, and for search functionality in various applications.

Automated Access Management Platform - Entitle - Limit cloud access without pushback

What is Entitle?

Entitle is how cloud-forward companies provide employees with temporary, granular and just-in-time access within their cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications. Entitle easily integrates with your stack, offering self-serve access requests, instant visibility into your cloud entitlements and making user access reviews a breeze.

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