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Just in Time Access to

Atlassian Administration

Enhance cloud security and streamline operations with just in time access to Atlassian Administration. Assures control over privileged access.

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Time-bound admin role escalations

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Temporary access that is revoked when no longer needed

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Faster access for employees and contractors

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Audit logs for access reviews

What is Just in Time Access?

Just-In-Time (JIT) access is a user access strategy in which permissions are given to users as they need them for specific tasks. The permissions are typically revoked once the task or session has been completed. This strategy is utilized to enhance cyber security and minimize the potential risk of data breaches.

Benefits of Just in Time Access to

Atlassian Administration

1) Enhanced Least Privilege Access Control: By implementing just-in-time access and privilege escalation, administrators can ensure that users have only the minimum access necessary to perform their tasks, limiting the exposure of sensitive information. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access or accidental data leaks, ensuring tighter controls in line with Atlassian’s robust permission management features.

2) Reduced Insider Threats and Human Errors: Just-in-time access adds an extra layer of security, limiting the window of opportunity for malicious insiders. By assigning temporary access and elevated privileges only when necessary, it decreases the likelihood of user mistakes or misjudgment leading to potentially disastrous consequences like data breaches or system downtime.

3) Improved Operational Efficiency: With just-in-time privilege escalation, routine tasks can be automated, requiring administrative intervention only when necessary. This eliminates the need for constant manual oversight in environments like Jira and Confluence, freeing up valuable time and resources and allowing admins to focus on other critical tasks.

4) Simplified Compliance and Auditing: The temporary and conditional nature of just-in-time access in Atlassian Administration makes it easier to track user actions and permissions for auditing purposes. This approach supports better accountability and facilitates compliance with strict regulatory standards such as GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, and ISO 27001, ensuring the organization remains within the rules of regulatory bodies.

Use Cases for Just in Time Access to

Atlassian Administration

1. System Diagnosis and Repair: If technical issues arise within Atlassian's suite of tools, granting just-in-time access to Atlassian's administration allows for immediate troubleshooting and repair without the delay and risk of permanent, full-level privilege.  

2. Onboarding & Offboarding Employees: In case of hiring a new employee or letting one go, just-in-time access could be granted to the Atlassian Administration team to assist in processing these changes immediately, ensuring the integrity of company data assets during transitions.

3. Project Setup: If an organization starts a new project and needs to set up corresponding teams, workflows, or permissions within Atlassian tools, temporary just-in-time access for administrative setup can streamline this process while maintaining robust access control to sensitive resources.

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How to Implement Just in Time Access to

Atlassian Administration

Entitle Just In Time Access - diagram- How to Implement Just in Time Access to

1. Planning.

  • Assessment
    Start by identifying the personnel who need access and the resources they require, along with their justification. Make a record of the existing access rights to discern if they can be reduced or eradicated. You might want to contemplate employing an entitlement discovery tool for better clarity.
  • Policy Formulation
    Design clear-cut procedures for both imparting and withdrawing access. Provide specifications on who can request access, under what circumstances, and for what time period. Time-bound parameters should be set for privileged roles in particular.
  • Source of truth
    Integrate your JIT access system with an Identity Provider (e.g., Okta, Google Workspace, Azure AD, OneLogin). This should serve as the ultimate source for identities. Favoring individual identities over shared accounts allows for better authorization control and audit precision.

2. Execution.

  • Self-serve access appeals
    The procedure can be facilitated by having users request access through the system instead of people. Integration with instant messaging platforms like Slack or MS Teams will boost adoption rates. Ensure that requests detail who the requester is, the demanded service/resource/role, timeframe, and motivation.
  • Approval process
    JIT access presents businesses with an opportunity to delegate approvals to those with business context. Resource owners and business unit managers often have a better context than IT helpdesks. Use messaging platforms for rapid reactions, offering approvers all essential information for an informed judgment.
  • Conditional approval workflows
    Incorporate your predefined policies into workflows to govern access permissions. If-then conditions can be a practical method. For instance, IF identity group “X” requests access to “Y”, seek approval from “Z” and notify “M”.
  • Integrations
    Consider integrating JITA with IT and security systems to enable greater adaptability, like linking with data classification systems to modify policies according to data sensitivity

3. Maintenance.

  • Regular audits
    Regularly scrutinize access logs to confirm that JIT access is functioning as expected.
  • User Training
    Train users, specifically privileged ones, about the significance of least privilege, JIT Access, and how it operates. Make sure they are aware of the access request process.
  • Feedback loop
    Maintain constant review of your JIT access methods and seek feedback for enhancements.

Following this structured approach, you'll be able to proficiently implement a robust Just-in-Time Access system for Atlassian Administration.

Temporary JIT Access to

Atlassian Administration

with Entitle

Entitle provides self-serve access requests, flexible policy workflows, and automated provisioning, to restrict unneeded access across cloud infra and SaaS.

Entitle has a native integration with

Atlassian Administration

Entitle has an IdP integration with

Atlassian Administration

Native integration
5 minutes set up with pre-built connectors
IdP integration
Add/remove users from groups in an identity provider
JIT access: self-service requests and authorization workflows
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
HR-driven birthright policies
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Full audit trails and access reviews
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained visibility of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained, ephemeral provisioning of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle

Manage temporary access to

Atlassian Administration

with Entitle

  • Enables instant visibility into all resources, roles, and entitlements within your Atlassian Administration for optimized access management.
  • Contributes deep understanding of the modern tech stack, facilitating control of fine-grained permissions within Atlassian Administration.
  • Introduces 'Bundles', allowing for unification of different resources across diverse applications into one access request, leading to streamlined administration.
  • Offers a swift installation process requiring only minutes and a deployment timeline of just a few days, proving its efficiency.
  • Comes bundled with native integrations to over a hundred widely used cloud services and applications, providing extensive compatibility.
  • Provisions automated governance and substantially reduces tasks associated with regulatory user access reviews, demonstrating its capacity for automation and compliance management.

"I like Entitle because it’s one of those tools I can set up and forget about. I never have to go into it and it just works."

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Mike Morrato
CISO and Global Head of IT,
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Atlassian Administration

What is

Atlassian Administration

Atlassian Administration is a role within companies that use Atlassian Software tools, such as JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, and others to manage project workflows, improve team collaboration, and track issues. The role includes managing users, setting up projects, configuring workflows, and ensuring the reliability of the systems. The aim is to help teams work more efficiently and effectively using these tools.

Automated Access Management Platform - Entitle - Limit cloud access without pushback

What is Entitle?

Entitle is how cloud-forward companies provide employees with temporary, granular and just-in-time access within their cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications. Entitle easily integrates with your stack, offering self-serve access requests, instant visibility into your cloud entitlements and making user access reviews a breeze.

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