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Just in Time Access to Grafana

Just in Time Access to


Unlock enhanced cloud security with just in time access to Grafana. Benefit from streamlined operations, least privilege access, and precise access controls.

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Time-bound admin role escalations

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Temporary access that is revoked when no longer needed

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Faster access for employees and contractors

Just in Time Access - Entitle

Audit logs for access reviews

What is Just in Time Access?

JIT (Just-In-Time) access is a security feature that allows temporary access to network resources, reducing the instances of unauthorized or unnecessary access. It grants privileges only for specific tasks and for a limited time period, thus reducing the risk of unwanted exposure. It provides a controlled method of elevating privileges, effectively managing both internal and external security threats.

Benefits of Just in Time Access to


1. Enhanced Least Privilege Access: Just in time access and privilege escalation in Grafana ensures adherence to the principle of least privilege (PoLP), where users are assigned the minimal level of access they need to perform their jobs. This minimizes potential vulnerabilities that could occur due to excess rights, enhancing the overall security posture.

2. Reduction of Insider Threats and Human Errors: With just in time privileges, the risk of insider threats and human errors dramatically reduces in Grafana. By granting temporary access that expires after a specific task, inadvertent data exposure or manipulation from privileged users can be significantly decreased, enhancing Grafana's security environment.

3. Improved Operational Efficiency: Just in time access enhances operational efficiency by enabling quick, on-demand access to Grafana for users. This helps to streamline the workflow, reduces delays in getting necessary access and removes dependency on manual approvals or tedious process of rights management.

4. Easier Auditing for Compliance: With just-in-time privilege escalation, Grafana can timely track who had access to what resource and when, simplifying auditing and accountability. This will not only ensure easier compliance with regulatory requirements but also provides a more transparent and accountable environment.

Use Cases for Just in Time Access to


1. Ad-hoc Analysis: A business analyst may need just in time access to Grafana for performing ad-hoc analysis of data, like sales figures or website traffic, in order to provide actionable insights to stakeholders.

2. Incident Response: In case of a system outage or security incident, IT or cyber security teams would require immediate access to Grafana for investigating and diagnosing the source of the problem.

3. Performance Monitoring: For software development teams working in an agile environment, they may require just in time access to Grafana for monitoring the performance of their applications before, during and after a release.

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How to Implement Just in Time Access to


Entitle Just In Time Access - diagram- How to Implement Just in Time Access to

1. Planning.

  • Assessment
    Begin by identifying who requires access to Grafana, which resources they need, and why. Document existing access rights and assess if these can be restricted or removed. Consider using an entitlement discovery tool for enhanced visibility.
  • Policy Creation
    Establish clear policies for the granting and revocation of access. Define guidelines for who can request access, under which circumstances, and for how long. Particularly for privileged roles, designate time-based parameters.
  • Source of Truth
    Sync your JIT access system with an Identity Provider (e.g., Okta, Google Workspace, Azure AD, OneLogin). This will serve as the authoritative source for user identities. Prioritize individual identities over shared accounts for improved authorization control and audit precision.

2. Execution.

  • Self-Serve Access Requests
    Streamline the process by letting users request access via the system. Improve adoption rates by integrating with IM systems like Slack or MS Teams. Ensure requests specify who's asking, what service/resource/role they need, how long they need it, and why.
  • Approval Process
    JIT access offers companies an opportunity to delegate approvals to those with business context. Often, resource owners and business unit managers have a more comprehensive understanding than IT helpdesks. Use messaging systems for rapid responses and provide approvers with all necessary information.
  • Conditional Approval Workflows
    Embed your established policies into workflows that guide access permissions. Incorporate them into workflows that define who can access what, and under which conditions. If-then conditions are effective in this sense.
  • Integrations
    Consider integrating JIT access with other IT and security systems for added flexibility e.g., IT ticketing systems for automated access based on ticket status or training systems to grant access upon training completion.
  • Automated Provisioning and Deprovisioning
    Gain a thorough grasp of Grafana to effectually control and manage access within the system. This is critical for JIT access as it slashes reliance on people's availability enabling automated deprovisioning of access, central to JIT access and the Principle of Least Privilege Access (POLP).
  • Access Methods
    For Grafana JIT Access, APIs are preferable due to their flexibility and real-time capabilities. However, a blend may be required. Adopt the use of SAML for authentication, SCIM for user provisioning, and APIs for granular control over access decision-making.

3. Maintenance.

  • Regular Audits
    Regularly examine access logs to confirm JIT access is functioning as intended. Look for unusual patterns, either directly or by feeding logs into your SIEM.
  • User Training
    Inform users, especially those with privileged roles, about POLP, JIT Access, and its functionality. Ensure users know how to make access requests.
  • Feedback Loop
    Regularly review your JIT access procedures. Solicit feedback from users and IT staff to recognize areas for improvement.

This structured approach ensures the efficient implementation of a robust Just-in-Time Access system for Grafana.

Temporary JIT Access to


with Entitle

Entitle provides self-serve access requests, flexible policy workflows, and automated provisioning, to restrict unneeded access across cloud infra and SaaS.

Entitle has a native integration with


Entitle has an IdP integration with


Native integration
5 minutes set up with pre-built connectors
IdP integration
Add/remove users from groups in an identity provider
JIT access: self-service requests and authorization workflows
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
HR-driven birthright policies
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Full audit trails and access reviews
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained visibility of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle
Fine-grained, ephemeral provisioning of permissions
Just in Time Access - Entitle

Manage temporary access to


with Entitle

  • Provides immediate transparency into Grafana resources, roles, and entitlements for quick decision making
  • Possesses extensive knowledge of modern tech stacks to manage complex permissions within Grafana effectively.
  • Offers the Bundles feature, allowing aggregation of diverse resources from Grafana and other applications into a single access request.
  • Enables swift installation and rollout, minimizing disruptions and downtime.
  • Offers built-in compatibility with over 100 top cloud services and applications, facilitating smooth integration.
  • Streamlines operations via automated governance and regulatory user access reviews, saving time and resources.

"I like Entitle because it’s one of those tools I can set up and forget about. I never have to go into it and it just works."

Just in Time Access - Entitle

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CISO and Global Head of IT,
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What is


Grafana is an open-source analytics and interactive visualization platform. It offers a way to create, explore, and share dashboards with your team to understand complex data. This platform supports a wide range of data sources, including but not limited to Graphite, Elasticsearch, OpenTSDB, Prometheus and InfluxDB.

Automated Access Management Platform - Entitle - Limit cloud access without pushback

What is Entitle?

Entitle is how cloud-forward companies provide employees with temporary, granular and just-in-time access within their cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications. Entitle easily integrates with your stack, offering self-serve access requests, instant visibility into your cloud entitlements and making user access reviews a breeze.

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